Mad for Maddow

Because of my research on presidential parody videos and because, well, it’s a pretty big deal, I’ve been following the 2008 election way too obsessively this year. And like pretty much everyone, I’ve been disappointed by the coverage of this year’s campaign (just Google “campaign coverage sucks” to get a whole range of other reasons). That being said, there have been a couple of bright spots: Olbermann has typically been reliably good, although I’m still mulling his special comment on Hillary’s RFK comment. Yes, her comments were wrong. Yes, her “apology” was weak. Yes, she should be criticized, but I fear that this kind of comment can only feed the overblown hostilities that are starting to make this campaign unbearable.

All of that being said, I’ve found myself watching MSNBC more than any other network, despite my aversion to Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, primarily because of Rachel Maddow, who has proved to be one of the most engaging pundits out there, quite often calling out fellow pundit Pat Buchanan or pointing out much of the sexism and racism that has come to dominate election coverage, all while remaining calm, cool, and so on. Apparently, lots of other people are taking notice, including the folks at Brave New Films and the Docudharma blog. Like them, I’d love to see Maddow get her own MSNBC show. It’s worth noting the ways in which blogging and other online communities have shaped the fandom that is developing around Maddow. Obviously, her history on Air America is a big part of her popularity, but I’m not the first blogger to write enthusiastically about Maddow, so it’s interesting to see her star rise online. Again, here’s hoping that MSNBC takes notice.

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