Dancing around the World

I’m pretty late to the party on “Where the Hell is Matt,” but it’s such a sweet and entertaining video, I can’t help but mention it. The video depicts Matt Harding dancing in various cities and towns across the globe, sometimes alone, but more often joined by dozens of strangers. The video works, in part, because of Matt’s goofy dancing (not that I’d do any better) and the fun that his fellow dancers seem to be having with the whole thing.

As he notes on his website, Matt traveled to 42 countries on all seven continents on the dime of Stride Gum, who paid for the whole thing. So, yeah, this is sort of an advertisement for them, but the video is still irresistibly fun. Also worth checking out: a more recent video documenting Matt dancing with the Huli Wigmen of New Guinea.

Update: Just wanted to add a quick pointer to Virginia Heffernan’s column on “Dancing,” which offers a good overview of the video, including some useful context on how it was produced.

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