Speaking of Indie…

I just happened to notice that a post I wrote for Big Screen Little Screen on the hotly-debated indie crisis happened to get picked up by The Guardian’s film blog.  I mention this news mostly because they’ve assembled a nice collection of links on the issue, including a blog post by John August, who comes to the conclusion that much of the past conventional wisdom about indie films has gone out the window after analyzing his experiences with the distribution of his most recent film, The Nines (by the way, I have no idea why I’m not reading August’s blog more consistently). Among the more interesting tidbits: Sundance is overrated.  So is theatrical release.  Day-and-date (releasing in theaters and DVD simultaneously) might not be a bad thing, especially for independent films.  Piracy’s effect on box office is overstated and piracy may actually help bring attention to lesser-known films.

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