The American Carol Trailer

Jesse at Pandagon pointed to the just-released trailer for An American Carol, a new comedy (and I use that word very loosely) by David Zucker.  The film is meant to be a satire of “the American left,” by which they apparently mean Michael Moore.  The main character is a chubby documentary filmmaker named Michael Malone (played by Chris Farley’s younger brother) who hates America so much that he wants to ban July 4.  The film features a number of Hollywood conservatives such as Kelsey Grammar and Jon Voigt who play the spirits of American heroes such as General Patton so that they can, I guess, teach Moore, I mean, Malone all about American values.  They do so, apparently, by repeatedly punching the filmmaker in the face.  Or by resorting to stereotypes of lesbians and Muslims.

There are one or two moments of self-awareness in the trailer, with David Zucker being called a master of satire by…David Zucker.  And because the trailer recycles jokes that could have been used in 2004 at the Republican convention, I considered the possibility that the movie is satirizing the right, but there’s not enough in the trailer to suggest that kind of self-awareness.  I’m all for political parody, but you have to do better than Michael Moore fat jokes.

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