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Via TechPres, here’s a really creative campaign concept cooked up by the California Democratic Party: an electronic billboard set up in Los Angeles near where V.P. candidate Sarah Palin is scheduled to hold a campaign rally. The billboard displays questions for Palin submitted live by text message. The billboard is also being live streamed on the web via

The whole concept is a great use of digital media and a fantastic commentary on the limited access that we have been given to Sarah Palin, providing a series of “unfiltered” questions that I’m sure we’d all love Palin (or McCain) to answer. For more information on how to submit a question, check the California Democratic Party website or read below:

To submit a question for our electronic billboard, text the keyword ASK then the question to the number 69866

For example, send to 69866: ASK You said you’d run a respectful campaign on the issues, what happened?

Keep your questions under 160 characters including spaces and remember to keep them family friendly since we’re showing them in public.

I watched for a few minutes and there were some great questions about health care and about the lack of funding for higher education, among many other issues.


  1. Alec Said,

    October 4, 2008 @ 5:24 pm

    Now Sarah is ALSO doing the main stream media’s job for them- FINALLY !!!
    It’s about time for Barry’s serious lack of good judgement be exposed and his radical ties exposed.
    Stanley Kurtz FINALLY got access to the Chicago-Annenburg files that had been “locked up” by the Obama camp in the Illinois State Library. His exhaustive research showed that Bill Ayres was NOT just a casual acquaintance. They attended many meetings together and Obama raised money to fund one of Ayres’ “Educational Funds” – that essentially schools young people in his radical beliefs!
    He also has ties to other Muslim Radical and his campaign has received money from Hamas and Hezbollah.

    I wish the main stream media would stop “drinking the Lool-Aid and look into this left-woing Marxist, Saul Alinsky’s befiefs,
    It’s the company you keep, Barry- and between Rv GD America Wright’s 20 years of hate spen out against whites for 20 yerars, your shady deals with convicted felon, Tony Rezko – it comes down to poor judgement, reckless behavior.
    Not the kind of man we want leading this Great Nation.
    He and his Michelle “America is a Downright Mean Country” Obama- aggry mean woman (ever read her college thesis? SCARY

    Vote McCain-Palin 2008
    And as much as I know it pains you Hillary, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul supports- VOTE MCCAIN-PALIN.
    Don’t waste one of the greatest freedoms we have in the wonderful Country!.

    We must stop Obama-
    ACORN is out in full force- registering illegals, homess, underage voters- even dead people’s name and multiple people on the rolls.
    McCain -Palin 2008
    And if you want to read MORE about Obama because you are uniformed, Google any of the above names and visit
    (Obama-What’s the Facts?)

    Tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on Sean Hannity’s America (Fox News) will have an exposee: Obama’s Redical Connections EXPOSED !!!
    Be sure to tune in and TIVO IT !!!

  2. Chuck Said,

    October 4, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

    Alec, the “connections” you describe between Obama and Ayers, Rezko, and Walinsky are well-documented. Obama was six or eight years old when the Weather Underground was active. It’s irrelevant.

    If the job of the media is to spread lies and insinuations about presidential candidates, then Palin is doing a great job. If the goal is to provide us with useful information about how a Palin administration might operate, then she really isn’t helping much.

  3. Chuck Said,

    October 4, 2008 @ 7:56 pm

    Oh, and by the way, if you want to talk about questionable associates, isn’t Sarah Palin *married* to someone who once belonged to a political party that wanted Alaska to separate from the United States? Not that Todd Palin’s past associations matter to me. It’s Sarah’s policies that bother me, but I just thought you might want to know the truth about such things.

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