Spoil Me

Christopher Campbell of Spout has a link to one of the better video clips I’ve seen in a while, “100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes,” by the Fine Brothers.  As Christopher points out, spoiler culture has occupied a somewhat contested status in internet fan cultures, so consider yourself warned if you’re still putting off seeing The Crying Game or Fight Club and still don’t know those films’ major plot twists.

But like Christopher, I enjoyed the video, in part because of the duo’s delivery, and in part because of the not-so-subtle commentary on the tendency to recycle older plots through sequels or remakes (at one point they list eight consecutive movies where Meg Ryan ends up with the male lead and then tick of the results of the many Rocky movies).  Again, if spoilers aren’t your thing, then you might be advised to skip this one, but I’m guessing that most movie fans will be familiar with pretty much all o fthe films they “spoil.”

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