Slamdancing at Home

No time for a longer post, but i just wanted to point out that the Slamdance Film Festival will be streaming many of the features films from the festival, in cooperation with  For those of us who can’t afford the journey out west, this is a cool opportunity to be able to check out some up-and-coming films.  I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the films from the festival yet, but I’ll try to watch a couple this weekend, perhaps.

In addition to providing audiences with the opportunity to enjoy many of the films at the festival, I’d imagine that the use of streaming video might also help filmmakers find a wider audience for their work.  It’s not quite a substitute for attending festivals in person–I love the experience of watching four films in a single day and wandering from theater to theater, blinking into the mid-afternoon sun–but, as usual, I’m curious to see how the “virtual” Slamdance works for both filmmakers and audiences.

Update: I forgot to mention that it costs $9 to watch a single film.  That seems a little high to me, especially given the conditions of watching at home rather than at the festival, but i could be wrong about that.

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