Monday Links

I’m hoping to get back into a more consistent blogging habit in the next couple of weeks.  I realized this weekend that I needed to slow down a bit and spent much of the day on Saturday assembling bookshelves to hold the books that had been piling on my floor and dining table for the last few months, but I’m working on my review of Astra Taylor’s excellent new film, Examined Life, and hopefully a couple of other posts as well.  I’ll also have an In Media Res post up on Tuesday (but for now check out last week’s sport-themed posts).  For now, though, here are some links:

  • Via Eli, a link to “One Flew Over the Dead Poet’s Nest,” which at first glance appears to be yet another fake trailer, mixing two romantic heroes rebelling against the institutions of the asylum and the school.  Creative enough, but the “Poet’s Nest” trailer is actually a trailer for a 53-minute movie combining the two older texts.  Eli also has information about a call for entries for the Los Angeles Filmforum’s 2009 Festival of (In)appropriation, which will feature works that assemble or incorporate older material in “collage, compilation, found footage, detournement, or recycled cinema.”
  • A couple of examples of self-releasing and movie tours just crossed my radar.  Jeffrey Goodman describes his decision to self-release his film, The Last Lullaby, and Kelley “The Angry Filmmaker” Baker announces his spring tour, which combines screenings and public lectures.
  • Interesting and provocative essay in the Virginia Quarterly Review by Morris Freedman titled, “Why I Don’t read Books Much Anymore.”

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