Second (or maybe third) Thoughts

I’m in the process of putting together some thoughts about the recent dust-up over the relationship between film blogs and the DIY film community that grew out of the reviews of Sujewa’s Indie Film Bloggers Road Trip.  I don’t want to revisit the relative merits of Sujewa’s documentary because that doesn’t seem like the relevant question here.  Instead, I’m interested in exploring how the overlapping roles and identities–blogger, filmmaker, publicist, participant–seem to have been confused in that particular discussion.  I’m currently working on assisting in setting up a venue and format for some of those discussions to take place–and it may not happen for a few weeks–but I think those conversations are worth having as we continue to see both communities evolve and change.

These debates are certainly shaped by the challenges of promoting and distributing micro-indie films and the requirements that filmmakers sometimes serve as their own publicists–note Todd Sklar’s recent discussion of his experiences promoting Box Elder and what he has learned from the process–and in which filmmakers and reviewers often run in similar circles.  I’m still in the process of sifting through these questions and how they feed into definitions of “quality” filmmaking, constructions of cinematic taste, etc.  I think these questions may also be shaped by the perceived relationship between blogging and immediacy (and, here, I’m using immediacy in all its richness to connote speed, quickness, directness, etc) and how that might feed into a compulsion to blog quickly.

I’ll keep everyone posted as these thoughts unfold and as I work with some others on framing them.  Some of the discussions that have been taking place both here and elsewhere have me rethinking my own (unpaid, in my case) work here in the blog, and I think that tension might be a good place to start a conversation.

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