Twitter Time

In case you missed it elsewhere, I expanded the blog post I wrote responding to Alexander Zaitchik’s critique of Twitter into a full-length article for AlterNet, “Why You Should Be on Twitter.”  Some of the links disappeared in transition, but otherwise, I’m relatively happy with how it turned out.  I’m not really trying to “defend” Twitter to the degree the title of the article suggests, as much as I am trying to dispel some of the media panic surrounding it.

Update: I’ve really enjoyed seeing the response to the Twitter article as it has spread across the twittersphere over the course of the day, even from the Twitter haters out there.  In particular, Logan Roberston offers a nice read of some of the social benefits of Twitter.  I’m always perplexed when readers see Twitter (or Facebook or blogging, for that matter) as a substitute for face-to-face interaction, and Logan illustrates, anecdotally, how social networking sites don’t have to encorage disengagement from the real world.

Steve Buttry also has an engaging post on columns that dismiss Twitter.  In particular, he focuses on a column by Leonard Pitts, normally one of my favorite national columnists, who decides, after briefly browsing the site, never to Twitter.

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