Tuesday Links

Getting in all my blogging now before I get slammed with my next round of grading.  Here are some more links that have recently crossed my radar:

  • Fellow Newcritic Tom Watson weighs in on the newspaper crisis with some of the more measured observations I’ve seen.  Tom picks up on many of the points raised recently by Clay Shirky, adding that with the demise of newspapers, we will be in anger of losing those “small” stories, the city council meetings and local cultural activities, that require the resources that had historically been available to local newspapers (and that could, at one point, sustain two or more local dailies in many cities). Tom’s also right to challenge Craig Newmark’s glib assessment that newspapers need to begin experimenting with new revenue models.  Those experiments have been taking place for years, andeven while readership of newspapers is expanding considerably, newspapers themselves continue to struggle financially.
  • Via Alisa Perren, a wide assortment of media links, including news that indie film company B-Side Entertainment has launched a theatrical distribution arm.
  • On a related note, the online movie reference site, IMDb is planning to develop a tool that would allow browsers to watch movies directly from their IMDb pages. As the website’s founder Col Needham explains, “We want a play button on every single page of IMDb.”

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