Sunday Links

Here are some of the links I’ve been thinking about this week:

  • First, Craig Lindsey of The Raleigh News-Observer writes up the upcoming Full Frame Documentary Film Festival up in Durham.  It’s a good overview of the changes that are happening this year with the festival and this year’s planned themes, which include a series of sports documentaries and films and a focus on the late filmmaker, St. Claire Bourne.  I’m quoted briefly at the end talking about some of the questions facing documentary filmmakers and film festivals as they navigate a changed entertainment and media landscape.
  • It’s a few days old now, but Henry Jenkins’ two-part interview (part one and part two) with Jessica Clark about the new role (and definition) of public media in the digital age is worth a read.  Clark co-authored a white paper, “Public Media 2.0,” with Pat Aufderheide a few weeks ago about these issues (here was my response).
  • I’m also intrigued by the launch of YouTube Edu, the video sharing site’s academic channel.  Not sure I have much to add here other than to observe that the videos range from promotional advertisements to more playful videosmade by students (the “compliment guys” at Purdue are sort of fun).
  • I’m hoping to write something longer later, but I’m also interested in Robert Greenwald’s latest project, Rethink Afghanistan, covered in this New York Times article a few days ago. Rather than release the documentary as a whole, he is posting sections of the documentary gradually in multiple parts, allowing him to adjust material as policies and conditions change.

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