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Classes end on Friday, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for blogging.  That being said, there are a few items on my radar that deserve more than the fleeting 140-character treatment:

  • Reid Gershebin, who has previously worked for both Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, is in the process of organizing The Two Week Film Collective, a film series that invites any interested filmmaker to make a film in a two-week time span.  All submitted films will be screened in San Francisco and Gershbein is seeking other screening venues in other cities.  Gershbein is also rounding up a group of film bloggers and critics to review, comment on or discuss the participating films and/or the state of independent movies today.  He’s collected a solid roster of critics on Twitter (yep, there again), myself included, and happily invites others to participate.  As usual, I’m intrigued by Reid’sattempt to combine two indie cinema practices that I find especially appealing: creating new, often temporary sites for screening movies and encouraging conversations about the production process (and the films themselves).
  • Reid reports that he was “inspired” to create the Two Week Film Collective after reading and participating in Alejandro Adams’ recent roundtable on self-distribution.  I’ve only skimmed a few of the contributions so far, but it looks like a fascinating discussion.  I contributed to one of Alejandro’s roundtables on the video iPod on the old BraintrustDV site way back in 2005 (when my ideas for the book were starting to come together), so I’m excited to see that Alejandro is reviving these virtual forums.
  • Nick Dawson, a contributor to both Filmmaker Magazine and Film In Focus, has a new biography of director Hal Ashby (Harold and Maude and Being There, among others).  I haven’t had a chance yet to read Nick’s book, but I’m putting it on my summer reading list.

I’m hoping to write something more sustained on the fruitful conversation taking place at the roundtable, as well as Reid’s thoughtful response, but again, end-of-semester demands are looming.  I am very much looking forward to the summer, though.  If the past couple of years have been dominated by working on Reinventing Cinema, I’m looking forward this summer to spending a little more time rediscovering movies, whether in theaters, on cable, or on whatever screen they happen to play.

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