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It’s final exam week, and my grading isn’t too overwhelming.  Which means I’m listening to KEXP, surfing blogs, doing research, drinking coffee, and planning my summer.  As I’ve said before, I’m hoping this will be the summer when I get a chance to catch up on some of the movies I’ve been missing the last couple of years while writing the book.  Last night, I finally watched Man Push Cart, Ramin Bahrani’s terrific 2005 indie film about a former Pakistani rock musician who now operates a push cart in Manhattan where he sells coffee and bagels.  Now here are some links:

  • Via my Twitter feed (I think @negaratduke): Here’s what would have happened if Twitter existed in the 1960s.  Update: also from Negar, If you started a movie on the day you were born and stretched it out over the course of your life, here’s where you would be.  Which begs the question: what if your life was Memento?
  • My previous entry was a response to Reid Gershebin’s call for a roundtable on film criticism in the internet age.  Here is the full collection of contributions compiled on Reid’s blog. Also worth checking out: Alejandro Adams’ discussion of this issue, where a spirited discussion is taking place in the comments.
  • Jeff Jacoby has an interesting interview with Michael Harrison, founder and publisher of Talkers Magazine, about the future of talk radio.  The prognosis: there isn’t much of one, at least not on the AM/FM dial, as everything migrates to the Internet.
  • It’s several days old (which pretty much makes it ancient history in internet time), but this “Michael Bay Does Breakfast” video is pretty funny and gets his aesthetic pretty well.

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