Odds and Ends

I’m posting these links just to prove to my parents that all that money they invested in my Ph.D. wasn’t completely wasted:

  • First, the interview with Second Cinema went really well. My friends at the Cameo very generously gave us the run of the theater for about an hour to tape the segment and get some photos.  The crew made me feel very comfortbale, and the show’s host, Hillary Russo (pictured here interviewing Evan Rachel Wood, who’ll appear in the same episode as me), asked some great questions.  I’ll keep everyone posted on when the episode airs (it shows at different times throughout North Carolina) and will also let everyone know when it shows up online.
  • Also, I just found out that my blog was listed as part of this month’s “Hotlist” on the Writers Guild of America, West, blog, which is kind of cool.  Fellow bloggers, Michael Newman and Ted Zee also made the list.
  • Finally, Sujewa has posted the segment from his documentary, Indie Film Bloggers Road Trip, featuring yours truly.  I think the documentary may work better as a series of webisodes, and Sujewa has recut the film slightly, which also makes it seem stronger.  I still wish I’d worn a different shirt, but it’s fun to see this moment of my life, when I was finishing up the book, captured in a documentary.

I’m putting the finishing touches on an article on documentary this week, so I’m not sure I’ll have anything substantive to say for the next few days.   But it’s nice to have the time–and energy–to concentrate on writing for a few weeks.  More later.

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