CinemaTech Podcast

Now that Reinventing Cinema is officially out, I’ve been enjoying some of the early conversations about it.  I’m particularly excited that I had a chance to talk with Scott Kirsner, author of Fans, Friends, and Followers and Inventing the Movies for an interview on his CinemaTech podcast series.  Scott has been an insightful observer of the changes that digital media are introducing to the entertainment industry, and he asked some very interesting–and challenging–questions over the course of our twenty minute conversation.

Among the topics we visited: the future of professional film criticism in the blog era, the effects of the democratization of digital production tools, and the concept of the “endless” film, an idea that Ted Hope has recently discussed and that comes up in some recent scholarship by Nick Rombes as well.  The questions provide a good overview not only of the topics covered in the book but also of some questions I’d like to address in future work.

You can listen to the podcast at Scott’s CinemaTech blog or here at Scott’s website.

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