Saturday Links

Two quick links to brighten your weekend:

  • This parody e-Harmony profile video on Funny or Die by Lindsay Lohan is pretty amusing.  Lohan does a great job of poking fun at her public image and reminds us of why she was, at one time, a likable comic actress.  It’s also a great send-up of the unrelenting sweetness of the e-Harmony ads themselves.  Spotted this originally on Ken Levine’s blog, which is a great read, mixing keen observations about entertainment with behind-the-scenes details about the many TV shows (Cheers, MASH, Frasier, etc) where he worked.
  • Boing Boing has a nice write-up on the end of the Matrix online game.  Apparently, rather than just making an announcement that the game was ending, the writers incorporated the game’s end into the show, changing the game’s graphics to appear as if they are decaying and degrading.  Cool idea.  More at Massively.

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