Wednesday Links

More film and media news that has caught my attention over the last couple of days:

  •  I’ve followed the work of Participant Media, the socially-conscious film production company that encourages its audiences to become politically active, for some time now.  The mix of political documentary and participatory culture speaks to a number of my interests, so I’m fascinated to see that in their promotion of the engaging new documentary by Robert Kenner, Food Inc. (my review), that they have joined forces with Chipotle to host special screenings and garner some free advertising.  The POV blog discusses Chipotle’s rep for using fresher (and sometimes organic) ingredients, one of the reasons Participant is working with them.
  • Sujewa pointed to Criterion’s newish sales strategy of charging $5 to allow viewers to download one of the movies from their catalog, allowing them unlimited viewing for several days.  If the viewer enjoys the film, they would then have a $5 credit toward the purchase of that film only.
  • A good discussion of David Hudson’s return to and reformulation of his “Daily” blogging at The New Yorker blog.
  • Anne Thompson and Matt Dentler weigh in on the beta version of film search site Speedcine. I’ll try to take a closer look later, but I’m doing a little speed blogging right now.
  • Mark Cuban explores some of the reasons behind Netflix rival Redbox’s explosive success.
  • NewTeeVee reports that TV and movie streaming “soared” over the last six months.
  • A nice article on the distribution of Sita Sings the Blues, this time from Eric Kohn.

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