Documenting Health Care

A recent post on Daily Kos reminded me that PBS (specifically Bill Moyers) has been re-screening the powerful documentary film, Critical Condition, which looks at three families dealing with difficult financial and personal choices as a result of not having access to health insurance.  Thanks to a POV screener DVD, I saw the film a few months ago and appreciated it, but as the rhetoric over reforming health care heats up, I think Critical Condition might be an antidote to some of the misinformation and name-calling used to derail a public health care option.

The entire documentay is currently availble online on the PBS website and is well worth watching if you have a couple of spare hours this weekend.

By the way, I haven’t mentioned it recently, but my presentation is still in the running for a spot at this year’s South by Southwest conference.  If you have a minute, your vote would be appreciated. While you’re in the neighborhood, Peter Kim’s panel, “Sponsored Conversations: Good Strategy or Spam?” sounds fascinating and looks as if it will address some of my concerns about the blurry boundaries between social media and marketing.

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