Tuesday Links

I’m in the final stretch of an extended grading marathon, but here’s what I’ve been using to distract myself the last few days:

  •  David Hudson of The Auteurs has compiled a list of “The Best Film Sites” out there on the web.  In addition to listing blogs, Hiudson has also added pointers to some of the better film magazines and journals, and although the list focuses primarily onEnglish-language materials, it is pretty international in scope.  I’m on the list, and as usual, I’m pleased to be included in such excellent company.
  • Matt Dentler points to a Wall Street Journal article explaining that Wal-Mart will now place less emphasis on devoting floor space to DVD promotion, a response to declining DVD sales in general.  Contributing factors cited include the continued rise of rental programs such as Redbox and Netflix and Wal-Mart’s desire to have stores that are less cluttered.
  • Anne Thompson has continued the discussion of the ongoing indie crisis, a question that seems more pertinent than ever, now that Miramax has been slashed to almost nothing.  Worth noting: although Miramax hasn’t been a dominant player in indie film for a while, this seems like a major blow, at least symbolically, to the previous era of indie distribution and promotion.
  • Ted Hope continues to preach the DIY gospel at the Woodstock Film Festival during his “Trailblazer Acceptance Speech.”
  • Anne Petersen has an astute read of the controversy swirling around the New Yorker profile of Hollywood blogger-reporter Nikki Finke.

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