Travellin’ Man

A couple of quick notes to prevent the blog from going completely dormant: First, I’ve just returned from Portland, where I attended the “What is Film?” conference sponsored by the University of Oregon.  I had some good intentions of blogging some (or all) of the conference, but the three-hour time change really threw me for a loop.  Still, I found the conference to be incredibly rewarding, one that will hopefully inform some of my more recent research on the role of social media in shaping the digital delivery of movies.

Second, I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Detroit, where I will be one of several representatives from my university who will be participating in eCitizenship, an initiative of the American Democracy Project.  I’ve only briefly glanced at the schedule, but as someone who works quite a bit with social media both in the classroom and in my scholarship, I’m looking forward to participating.For those of you who are interested in following along, there is already a Twitter hash tag. (#eCit09).

On a related note, I’m starting to piece together my talk for this year’s MLA convention in Philadelphia, which will focus on academic blogging (which is one of the reasons I’m trying to generate a few posts, even if they are mostly filler).  I will also be the delegate for MLA’s film studies discussion group, which is kind of cool.  Once again, there is some pre-conference activity taking place over Twitter (including a list of people planning to attend an MLA tweetup).

I’m hoping that my spring schedule will allow a little more blogging time.  I’ve been missing the conversations in this part of my online life and have been finding myself composing a few mental blog entries on everything from Michael Chabon’s recent autobiographical essay collection, Manhood for Amateurs (which had a few intriguing moments), to Steven Johnson’s very cool collection, The Best Technology Writing of 2009 (some of which I’d read before).  More later….

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