Wednesday Links

I’m still in the midst of lots of early-semester prep work, but here are a couple of recent articles worth mentioning:

  • YouTube has tentatively joined the movie rental business by making a small number of independent films available on its site.  The rental plan was created in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival.  Available films include The Cove, an award-winning documentary about dolphin hunting.  Although there are already a number of online rental options, this news is more intriguing because it reflects a change in the role of film festivals in offering to distribute some of their content online.
  • Because of the graduate course I’m teaching on Using Technology in the Language Arts Classroom, I’ve become more interested in discussions of how K-12 students are using technology.  If this New York Times article is to be believed, they are using it ALL THE TIME.  According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, students spend 7.5 hours a day using these tools, often multitasking so that their “real” media technology use approaches 11.5 hours a day.
  • Speaking of media technologies, Nicholas Carr recently put in perspective how much people spend on a monthly basis to keep themselves connected, arguing that many people can spend as much on information subscription and fees as they do on food.

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