Wednesday Links: Defining Indie

I’m finally catching up after a bout of food poisoning and virus of some kind hit me at the same time.  Then yesterday I got slammed by two flat tires.  Needless to say, I haven’t had a lot of time or energy for blogging lately. But here are a few links worth a look:

  • I’m still mulling over some of the questions that I briefly addressed in my post on Edward Jay Epstein’s discussion of indie film, but there have been a couple of posts that have addressed these issues in a thoughtful way.  Mike at Bad Lit takes apart Epstein’s overly broad definition of indie in the context of a discussion of YouTube’s experiment with selling streaming rentals of Sundance films.
  • Judy Berman responds to Epstein in order to ask why indie film is struggling while indie music seems to be thriving.  Like a lot of people who’ve responded to Berman, I’m not sure that the comparison between the two media holds.
  • One of the more useful interventions into this discussion in David Poland’s taxonomy of five categories of independent films.  It’s a good breakdown of how some of the key players in independent film may be defining themselves.  Poland also addresses how VOD may be affecting the theatrical potential of some independent films.
  • This isn’t about indie, but Poland also discusses Disney’s announcement that they will release the DVD of Alice in Wonderland a mere 13 weeks (three months) after opening the film theatrically.  Poland has some interesting speculation about the reasons behind this choice.

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