Wednesday Links

Just a few quick links while I procrastinate on grading some papers:

  • For the fourth year in a row I will be blogging from the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, held annually in downtown Durham.  As always, I look forward to Full Frame not just because it presents some of the best documentaries out there but also because it coincides with the end of the academic year. My one beef with Full Frame is that they only screen each film once, often requiring guests to make difficult choices about what they’ll see and what they can skip.  The cinetrix has the lowdown on what’s playing and on some of the competing films.  Hoping to write a longer preview later this week.
  • Anne Thompson addresses some of the recent debates about the (over)use of 3-D, specifically for those films, such as Clash and Alice, that were “retrofitted” for 3-D after the success of Avatar and comes to a simple, logical conclusion: “it’s about greed.”
  • Ted Hope has a thorough report on a talk given by Peter Dekom (see also Dekom’s website), who expresses more than a little skepticism about some of the classic long-tail arguments.  I haven’t had a chance to play the entire lecture, but Hope’s summary suggests that it’s well worth a listen.

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