Rethinking Visual Effects

There is a great discussion about the place of visual effects in the film industry that I stumbled across on Twitter.  I don’t have time to do justice to the nuances of the debate, but here are some highlights:

  • Scott Squires jumps into the debate with an overview of the history of VFX and addresses the financial challenges that many in the VFX business face before making an argument that VFX employees might benefit from unionization
  • He then follows that up with a detailed response to some of the objections to his calls for a VFX union
  • Lee Stranahan makes a similar call for a trade guild or union in an “open letter to the VFX industry” and another to Avatar director, James Cameron.
  • An interview from Motionographer about “fairness” for VFX workers.  Also via Motionographer, a number of links, including Jeff Heusser’s discussion of the “leverage” held by those in the effects industry.
  • To continue following the story, search for the Twitter hashtags #vfx and #vfxtownhall.  Given the amount of revenue generated by films with extensive special effects, these arguments about a need for better working conditions are worth considering

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