Reinventing Cinema Review in Film & History

Michael Marino is the most recent person to review Reinventing Cinema, this time in the journal, Film & History. The review is generally positive, with Marino remarking that ¬†“Tryon’s book is generally interesting and well argued and it is clear he is an expert on this topic. The book does an excellent job outlining the evolution of the medium of film in the age of digital technology. This topic in turn speaks to wider themes related to the intersection of technology and society.”

He does criticize the book for not appearing critical enough of the ways in which corporate culture–such as media conglomerates–threaten to suffocate the democratizing aspects of digital cinema, an issue I thought about quite a bit when writing the book. ¬†Ultimately, I decided that the “giant media entities” described by Marino couldn’t be reduced to a single intentionality or effect–note Paramount’s decision to support a small set of micro-budgeted genre films–and tried to navigate a fairly careful line between the many players involved in the digital transformation of cinema. ¬†Still, it’s an insightful review that helped me to see some of my key arguments from a different perspective.

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