Save Ferris!

Both Lost Remote and Tech Crunch have discussed a creative activity yesterday where an individual or group of people posted the activities from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off using Twitter, Foursquare, and a number of other social media tools. The events played out over the course of several hours yesterday, starting with a series of posts on @ferris_bueller’s Twitter account.  Other cast members, including Sloane Peterson and even Mr. Rooney joined in, while Bueller and the gang also checked in at Wrigley Field using Foursquare.

There have been a number of similar uses of Twitter in the past. One colleague mentioned a group that blogged Bram Stoker’s Dracula a while back, but this use seems especially geared toward Gen X popular culture nostalgia (and seems oddly fitting on a warm spring day when most of us would rather not be working).  It also seems consistent with some of Barbara Klinger’s arguments about the pleasures associated with repeat viewings of comfort movies, in which she reads “quotation as part of the theatricality of everyday life.”  Specifically, many of the lines from Ferris Bueller have become part of what Klinger calls our “national lexicon” and reflect more general desires for escape from the tedium of work or school (“Do you realize that if I played by the rules, right now I’d be in gym”).

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