Friday Links

I’m kind of between chapters right now, so hopefully that means I’ll be able to post a few more substantial blog posts in the coming days.  For now, here are some links:

  • Pretty much everyone is linking to Mynette Louie’s blog post (can’t seem to find a permanent link) about “why microbudget filmmaking sucks,” so add me to the list.  It probably won’t be that surprising to see that she also highlights the pleasures of making films on a shoestring budget.
  • Anne Thompson has an article discussing the reasons that the streaming video community The Auteurs has changed its name to Mubi.  Also worth noting are Mubi’s plans to expand the site’s reach considerably, in part through outreach at festivals such as Cannes and Tribeca.  Here’s Efe’s discussion of why they made the switch.
  • James Cameron continues to evangelize for 3D, arguing that it will completely supplant 2D within 25 years.  I liked the 3D in Avatar well enough, but I think the futurist proclamations that 3D is revolutionizing cinema are a bit excessive and potentially risk alienating a large slice of the moviegoing audience.
  • This video of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz practicing a stunt on the set of Knight and Day looks like an attempt to rehabilitate Cruise’s image a little by depicting him as having a sense of humor. It doesn’t work.  In fact it makes me less enthusiastic than before about seeing Knight and Day if that’s possible.

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