Reactions to the Federal Marriage Amendment

I don’t read Andrew Sullivan’s blog very often, but ever since President Bush announced publicly that he will support and pursue an Amendment to the Constitution protecting the “sanctity of marriage,” Sullivan has been posting his own deeply moving reactions to Bush’s speech as well as a number of emails he has received from a wide variety of people criticizing the announcement. The overall effect is pretty powerful–people from a variety of political positions sharing their reactions, their feelings of betrayal or loss or shock that our leader could write discrimination into the Constitution through the Federal Marriage Amendment. It’s a truly effective use of blogging, using the medium’s personal immediacy to express opposition to Bush’s actions and to find comfort in the reactions of others.

Once you’ve read the reactions of Sullivan and his readers, go here and voice your opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment. Also, a small request: consider mentioning this petition in your blog. I’m not sure how seriously people take these petitions, but I do think it’s important that people voice their opposition to this amendment clearly.


  1. woojay Said,

    February 26, 2004 @ 12:18 am

    Do I need to be an American citizen to sign this petition? 🙂 Nice blog, btw.

  2. chuck Said,

    February 26, 2004 @ 11:10 am

    If you scroll down on the “state” menu, there is an option for “Not in the USA,” so my guess is that you could sign it. I’d guess that being able to show opposition from the international community as well as within the US can’t hurt.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Matt K. Said,

    February 26, 2004 @ 1:42 pm

    “I’m turning into a political junkie . . .”

    You should move to DC.

  4. chuck Said,

    February 26, 2004 @ 2:37 pm

    That might be dangerous. I’d be mainlining James Carville books within weeks.

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