Bollywood in the Times

Continuing my recent fascination with Bollywood, India’s prolific film industry, here’s a quick link to a New York Times op-ed piece on Bollywood’s awards season, which roughly coincides with (and apparently exceeds) Hollywood’s.

The editorial emphasizes Bollywood’s massive audeince, noting that many Bollywood films are well received in countries such as Indonesia and Egypt that tend to resist American culture. Also intriguing was the fact that Indian aid workers have been greeted in Iraq and Afghanistan with “snatches of half-remembered Hindi songs and names of Bollywood stars from the 1970’s.”

The editorial also mentions Kal Ho Naa Ho, a film I reviewed a few weeks ago, noting the Bollywood industry’s attempts to capture a wider audience, including “members of the educated urban elite who had looked down on Bollywood films,” as well as Indians living abroad in the US and UK.

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