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I just wanted to advertise the panel I put together for this year’s SCMS, here in springy Atlanta, Georgia, home of lovely hotels and restaurants and a swiftly increasing pollen count (the sexual life of pine trees gives me fits).

I’m looking forward to hearing Kathleen’s paper. Are any other bloggers planning to attend SCMS? Email me at charles.tryon [at]

Below the fold I’ve included a few of the other panels I’d like to attend. Looks like there will be plenty of great papers this year. Should be a fun, if exhausting, conference. Thankfully, I’ll have all of spring break to recover.

A6: It’s Just Business: Institutional Strategies of Global Media Networks
Chair: Christine Becker (University of Notre Dame)
Jennifer Holt (University of California, Los Angeles), “Regulating Reality: The FCC and Industrial Design”
Mike Budd (Florida Atlantic University), “Private Disney, Public Disney”
Ling-Yen Chua (Nanyang Technological University), “Channel NewsAsia: The Role of Documentary in the Age of Global Television and New Digital Technologies”
Christine Becker (University of Notre Dame), “From High Culture to Hip Culture: Transforming the BBC into BBC America”

B2: In Focus: Close Looks at Directors and Texts
Chair: Leger Grindon (Middlebury College)
Katrina G. Boyd (Indiana University), “Brief Histories of the Present: John Sayles and the Clash of Cultures in Lone Star and Sunshine State”
Leger Grindon (Middlebury College), “Tracing an Influence: From Rocco & His Brothers to Raging Bull”
Burlin Barr (Bowdoin College), “Mobile Public Spheres in Marker’s Le Fond De L’Air Est Rouge”
Adam Lowenstein (University of Pittsburgh), “A Second Look at Seconds: Rock Hudson and the Case of Retrospective Spectatorship”

C1: Home Screening: Digital Revisions of the Public and Private Spheres
Chair: Michele White (Wellesley College)
Fred Turner (Stanford University), “Digital Journalism and the Anxious Citizen”
Michele White (Wellesley College), “Public Privates: Representation of Women Webcam Operators at Home and in the Office”
Mark Andrejevic (University of Iowa), “Nothing Comes Between Me and My CPU: Wearable Computers and Mobile Privatization”

Online Journals: The Future of Media Scholarship Publishing?
Chair: Lori Landay (Berklee College of Music)
Participants: Maureen Furniss (Savannah College, Editor, Animation Journal)
Ann Kibbey (University of Colorado, Editor, Genders)
Mark Williams (Dartmouth College, Editor, Journal of E-Media)

E7: City Places, City Times: Urban Subjectivities in Film and Media
Chair: Anne Friedberg (University of Southern California)
Amy Corbin (University of California, Berkeley), “In the Jungle: The Film spectator Navigates the Post-World War II City”
Maureen Turim (University of Florida), “Tokyo, Paris, New York: Women Alone in Urban Films”
John M. Frankfurt (Columbia University), “Benjamin’s Urban Film: Building the City on Screen”
James Tobias (University of California, Riverside), “Locating Virtual Places: Tokyo in the Diary Film and the Weblog”


E8: Same Time Next Week: Liveness and Immediacy in TV Drama
Chair: Martha Gever (Florida Atlantic University)
Jan Richard Kjelstrup (University of Oslo), “Being There: The Aesthetics of Liveness and Immediacy in TV Drama”
Sharon Sharp (University of California, Los Angeles), “Repurposing the Past: Television, Technology and Nostalgia in American Dreams”
Gerald Sim (University of Iowa), “Film Events in Real Time: The Cinematic Paradigms, Audience Research and Product Differentiation of 24”
Martha Gever (Florida Atlantic University), “The Spectacle of Crime Digitized: CSI and Social Anatomy”


E9: Contemporary Documentary Filmmaking: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Cultural Politics
Chair: Nicole Fleetwood (University of California, Davis)
Veronica Pravadelli (Universita di Roma Tre), “Cultural Identity and the Politics of Form: Chantal Akerman’s Performative Documentaries”
Casey McKittrick (University of Texas, Austin), “Capturing the Friedmans and the Documentation of Belief vs History”
Nicole Fleetwood (University of California, Davis), “Race Relations in Black and White: Flags Wars and Two Towns of Jasper”
Andy Opel (Florida State University), “Paradise Lost I & II: Documentary and the Monster of Justice”

F7: Truth, Memory, History: The Films of Errol Morris
Chair: Charles Musser (Yale University)
Jonathan Frome (University of Wisconsin, Madison), “False Histories: Uncertainty, Truth, and The Thin Blue Line”
Charles Musser (Yale University), “Memory & Truth, History and Actuality: The Documentaries of Errol Morris”
Devin Orgeron (North Carolina State University), “The ‘Seen’ of the Crime: Errol Morris and the Aesthetics of Memory and Denial”

G1: The Age of Reproduction: Technology and Visual Perception
Chair: Tara McPherson (University of Southern California)
Tara McPherson (University of Southern California), “Exhibiting Electronic Culture: Multimedia, IBM, and the Legacy of the Eames Office”
Janelle Blankenship (Duke University), “‘The Beacon of Culture’: The Imperialist Politics of Proto-Cinematic War Projection”
Cynthia Baron (Bowling Green State University), “Liveness in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: A Look Back at Raymond Williams’ Observations on Fin-de-siecle Naturalism”
Michael Renov (University of Southern California), “The Work of Memory in the Age of Digital Reproduction”

J7: Playback: Reassessing Film Theory
Chair: Robert Burgoyne (Wayne State University)
Brendan P. Riley (University of Florida), “Modularity and Monsters from the Deep”
Tom Gunning (University of Chicago), “Rethinking Photographic Reference: What Difference Does an Index Make?”
James Morrison (York University), “Vachel Lindsay on Hollywood, Mass Culture and the Sublime”
Jennifer Hammett (San Francisco State University), “Against the Cinematic Subject”

K4: Media and the New Cold War
Chair: Terri Ginsberg (Rutgers University)
Christopher Sharrett (Seton Hall University), “9/11, The Useful Event, and the Legacy of the Creel Committee”
Claudia Springer (Rhode Island College), “Hollywood Returns to War: The Pentagon’s New Media Mission”
David Clearwater (University of Lethbridge, Canada), “War Games: Militarism, Recruitment and the Emergence of the Video Game”
Amy Villarejo (Cornell University), “Activist Technologies: Big Noise, Think Again!”

–my panel goes here–

Saturday, March 6, 2004 8:00pm

Bright Leaves (2003)
Ross McElwee
Introduced by Jack Boozer (Georgia State University)
Q&A with Ross McElwee following the screening

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