SCMS at Home

There’s something incredibly strange about attending a major conference in your hometown. I still can’t quite figure it out, and I’m too exhausted to put much effort into it. But I feel a little disoriented by the distinction between being at the conference and coming home to my “normal life” at the end of the night. It makes the conference feel a little less real than it otherwise might. Not that I’m complaining. I like the idea that I could stop off at “my” liquor store on my way home from the conference or that I’m able to enjoy the whole conference without paying for airfare or a hotel room. Still, it’s a little strange to have these two aspects of my life crash into each other.

I think that what makes things doubly strange is that when I was a teenager, my parents’ church denomination had their quadrennial convention in the Omni complex, and I keep having flashbacks to hanging out in the very same hotel lobby when I was fourteen years old. I’ll have more to say about the papers later, but so far, I’ve enjoyed most all of the panels I’ve attended.

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