Monday Links

Here are some of the stories I’ve been following over the last few days:

  • A few more responses to the news that several studios are planning to release films via premium video on demand, just two months after they appear in theaters. In the first of two posts, David Poland looks back at the history of changing distribution models and begins to explore the potential consequences of premium VOD, mostly in response to an interview with Fox executive, Jim Gianopolous.
  • There has been quite a bit of discussion of Tribeca’s continued attempt to reinvent film festivals using digital media. In particular Anne Thompson expresses some skepticism, but dutifully points to several early posts on the Tribeca “Future of Film” blog, including a welcome post form festival director Geoffrey Gilmore, film producer Peter Guber (who as Thompson points out is also promoting his book), and 2929 Entertainment’s Todd Wagner. ┬áSocial media blog Mashable also chimes in.
  • Via Chris Becker, who has compiled an amazing list of media links, The Wrap reconsiders the place of the art house theater in the age of digital distribution. Chris’s post offers a wealth of liks about TV and film distribution, as usual.
  • Fox executive Bill Mechanic expresses some skepticism about the 60-day VOD plan. Not surprisingly, the National Association of Theater Owners is arguing that the VOD window will be incredibly harmful to their bottom line.

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