Uncovered Links

While taking a break from final revisions for an article, I’ve been collecting a few links for a possible panel discussion of documentary film. As I’ve mentioned, I’m particularly interested in Robert Greenwald’s Uncovered. So, in no praticular order:

  • A Buzzflash interview with Robert Greenwald
  • An AlterNet story on the film’s distribution
  • An interesting critique of Uncovered via News Dissector (scroll down). The tone of the film bothered me, too, but for somewhat different reasons.
  • An indieWIRE article on Greenwald
  • A Reuters article on Yahoo
  • Apparently, there’s a Washington Post article in the (paid) archives.
  • IMDB link to Uncovered
  • And, just because I came across it, Natalie Merchant’s letter encouraging her fans to see the film

I’m not sure I’ll write this paper, but it’s nice to be writing ahead, collecting links, thinking about new projects.

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