New Jump Cut Issue

The latest issue of the film and media journal, Jump Cut, is now available online. As usual, it’s packed with a wide range of articles on topics relating to the film and media industries. I’m excited to add that I have an article focusing on the concept of the transmedia documentary, where I look at how transmedia techniques have been used by documentary filmmakers for political purposes. The article looks at a range of films including An Inconvenient Truth, The Age of Stupid, and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

The articles in Jump Cut are meant to be accessible and engaging for scholars and non-scholars alike, so take some time and dive in to some excellent work on film and media.

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  1. Chuck Said,

    August 7, 2011 @ 3:25 pm

    FYI, the layout of the issue looks absolutely great. The editors, as usual, did a great job of organizing/arranging approximately 50 images meant to accompany the article.

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