Fan Films, Adaptations, and Media Literacy

I’ve just received a copy of the edited collection, Science Fiction Film, Television, and Adpatation: Across the Screens, from Routledge, in which I have an article, “Fan Films, Adaptations, and Media Literacy.” The collection looks fantastic, with articles that look at the issue of adaptation through texts ranging from The Twilight Zone and Logan’s Run to Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and Serenity. Given the focus on a wide range of texts, the book would seem to be a great fit for courses on science fiction film and TV, as well as courses that seek to challenge older concepts of adaptation theory.

My own essay is less tied to any individual science-fiction franchise but looks more broadly at a number of fan film adaptations, including Star Wars Uncut (which I mentioned very briefly back when I was writing the article), Troops, and Doctor Who: Alternative Empire. The essay concludes with a brief reference to Henry Jenkins’ concept of “Avatar activism.” As the title and the nod to Jenkins suggest, my goal in the article was to link the practices of fan adaptations to emerging forms of media literacy and political activism.

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