Week in Review: Potter, Netflix, Occupy, Redbox, and More

Still no time to write extended blog posts, so take a look at what som other people are writing instead:

  • David Poland discusses Warner’s plans to pull Harry Potter DVDs off the shelves on January 1. As Poland speculates, this will probably allow Warner to retool the discs to create an “all-in-one” UltraViolet, Blu-Ray, DVD artifact.
  • At least one analyst predicts a bleak future for Netflix, arguing that their low-price streaming model is unsustainable.
  • In other video rental news, Warner is now moving to force Blockbuster to wait until 28 days after a film has been available for purchase on DVD before it makes it available for rental. Blockbuster had been exempt from this “retail window” for the last two years, but it may be forced to join Redbox and Netflix in waiting to rent new release movies.
  • Redbox officially raised its prices. Now it will cost you $1.20 per day to rent DVDs from your friendly neighborhood kiosk. Reportedly this is due in part to increased transaction costs associated with debit cards.
  • Anthony Kaufman reports that directors Jonathan Demme an Jem Cohen have now produced videos about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Demme’s is available on YouTube.
  • YouTube’s top channels now get as many viewers as the top five cable channels, according to New Tee Vee.

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