Streaming U

It’s now safe to officially announce some very exciting news. Max Dawson (Northwestern University) and I have been invited to join a team of researchers as part of the Connected Viewing Initiative (CVI), sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. As the CVI website reports, the project is designed “to imagine the future of modern media, while also turning a critical lens on the often inflated speculation about the social and commercial promise of new technology.” With the changes in media distribution–streaming video, electronic sell-through, and cloud storage–we are at a pivotal moment, one that raises any number of questions.

The particular project that Max and I proposed, Streaming U: College Students and Connected Viewing, looks at the ways in which college students are navigating the volatile video distribution market. Our research will focus on the connected viewing behaviors of students enrolled at two different universities, in part to gauge some of the arguments that have been made about today’s so-called “digital natives.” I’m flattered to be included in such an outstanding group of scholars and excited to be working on what I think will be a truly engaging research project.

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