Another Pandora

David Bordwell has just announced the release of a new book, Pandora’s Digital Box, a study of the conversion to digital projection in movie theaters. The book amplifies material written in a series of blog posts about the topic and is available through digital download for the low price of $3.99. I’ve profited immensely from Bordwell’s posts on digital projection in some current research I am doing for my second book, both in terms of his discussion of 3D and his analysis of how digital projection may be altering film festivals, so I’m certainly looking forward to diving in to this study.

In the announcement post, Bordwell also discusses the benefits of using the blog to reach film enthusiasts using what he calls a “para-academic” approach, one that feeds neatly into his longer-form writing. It’s a practice that I’ve been neglecting for the last couple of years for a variety of reasons, but as I’ve promised a few times in the recent past, I hope to return to these grounds more often in the future.

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