Reboots, Shrinking Screens, Movie Geeks

Three quick liks while I am on the road and taking a day or two off from working on the book:

  • Via Daily Kos, a link to Neal Gabler’s latest column from the LA Times, which takes the recent reboot of the Spider-Man franchise as a sign that, for teenagers, at least, film history basically only extends back to last week. Yes, the cycle of rebooting seems to be accelerating–when it comes to movies at least–but I’m not sure that teens are any less interested in past films than they might have been twenty-five years ago when VHS was one of the primary means of accessing film history.
  • By comparison, Randall Stross of the New York Times worries that young people are only watching movies on smaller screens–iPods, iPhones, iPads, and maybe laptops–using Netflix or Hulu. Obviously people are using these devices to watch movies, but the article literally dodges the questions of how many, how frequently, and so on. There is no discussion of the fact that many Netflix users stream through a TV set, choosing to watch on the biggest screen available. And while theatrical movie attendance, in the U.S. at least, has remained steady, overseas box office is rising.
  • Finally, Munib Rezaie offers a much more nuanced take on some of the challenges raised by digital delivery, looking at the changing status of the film geek in the streaming era. He builds from my discussion of the DVD-era “film geek” to point out that instant availability–of movies, of information–changes how we think about our relationship to film culture. As Munib notes, the processes of talking about movies, getting recommendations, and even learning about films have changed thanks to new digital delivery technologies.

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