A Beautiful Mind(fuck)

I’m getting closer to finsihing my horror film essay, and I decided to surf around and look at a few journals where I could pitch this project (particularly to see if there were any special issues on horror film just waiting for my paper). One of the venues I’ve considered (though maybe not for this paper) is Jump Cut, a journal that I’ve always appreciated–good articles on film and popular culture, usually with a clear left politcal bent.

More relevant for now: while I was surfing their recent archives, I found this article on “mindfuck” films by Jonathan Eig. I may have more to say on this topic later, but I think the mindfuck film (Memento, Mulholland Drive, and Donnie Darko, among others) seems to be tapping into some of the same problems that I’m trying to address in my work on time-travel films.

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