Sleepy Saturday Morning Linkfest

GreenCine Daily has a wealth of weekend reading material on film and media today. A few of the highlights:

  • An extended interview with Richard Kelly (more articles here), director of Donnie Darko, on the theatrical release of the director’s cut of that film and pre-production work on his new film, Southland Tales. For my book project on time-travel films, I’ll certainly be writing about Donnie, and perhaps the release of the director’s cut will inspire me to put a conference paper together.
  • The Defamer, a great site for the inside scoop on all things Hollywood. Recent highlights: MTV backs down on its decision not to air commercials for Super Size Me, and Fox decides to shelve their new “reality show” where straight guys pretend to be gay, citing the ever-popular “creative reasons.”
  • The always cool B. Ruby Rich writes in The Guardian about the recent lack of good lesbian films.
  • Brian Brooks previews the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival for indieWIRE
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  • Finally, Jonathan Rosenbaum reviews Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, which I’m planning to see tonight.

On the home front, the Atlanta Film Festival kicks into gear soon, and I’ll try to catch as many films as my (currently very small) budget permits.

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