Friday Morning Film Reads

GreenCine has a link to a fantastic LA Weekly article on Control Room, Jehane Noujaim’s documentary about Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the war in Iraq. The article features an interview with Samir Khader, one of the two “stars” of the documentary. The film itself investigates the ways in which “Arabs and Americans can look at the same events and see two entirely different things, sometimes in unpredictable ways.”

Also from GreenCine, a link to Anthony Kaufman’s post mortem on the “death of the independent film” from 2002. Kaufman explains the effects of the changing economic situation in the film industry pretty efectively. In general, I’d agree with GreenCine blogger dwhudson’s implication that the best “indie” work is currently being done in the documentary field, with powerful new docus, including Control Room, Jonathan Demme’s The Agronomist, and Canada’s The Corporation currently receiving major buzz. And, oh yeah, there’s that Michael Moore film I’ve heard something about.

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