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At the risk of never leaving my computer again, I’m linking to Filmbrain’s post, “Keeping Up With the Blogses,” which lists several (dozen) film review blogs. Filmbrain comments:

The state of film blogs at the moment is excellent, in Filmbrain’s opinion. Not only are people posting links and writing reviews, but there seems to be an equally strong critical eye turned on the critics themselves. Filmbrain says bravo to this. Many critics have become incredibly lazy, and more than a few write as if there were being paid handsomely to say wonderful things about utter dreck. Film bloggers answer to nobody, and as a result are honest (often brutally so) in their reactions to a film. Sacred cows, political correctness, going with the flow — none of these matter. Film bloggers do one thing that critics rarely do — let us know in no mixed terms how a film made them feel. Sure, we all like to get up our own asses from time to time and revel in how brilliant we are, but then we wouldn’t have started blogging if that weren’t the case.

I think he’s right that film bloggers have more room to be critical of films that just plain suck. Many of my reviews are somewhat positive, in part because I’ve been trying to concentrate only on independent and low-budget films, and I feel like I have an interest in seeing more of those kinds of films get made. There are lots of outstanding film blogs here, and I’ll be very interested in watching this community grow.

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