Unintended Consequences of McCain-Feingold

According to The Hill, Lion’s Gate may not be able to advertise for or promote Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 after July 30 due to restrictions on corporate-funded advertisements that identify a candidate within 30 days of a primary. Because the Republican convention is technically considered a primary, that may limit future promotion of the film.

If the six members of the Federal Election Comission (FEC) board uphold the legal advice given by its general counsel, that would severely restrict advertising not only for Moore’s film, but also quite possibly for the pro-Clinton doc, The Hunting of the President , the Candian documentary, The Corporation, and even John Sayles’ recent anti-Bush feature film, Silver City. At the same time, David Bossie, the same guy who encouraged Republicans to compalin to theaters showing F9/11, plans to file a complaint with the FEC stating that it violates federal election law. I don’t have the legal background or the knowledge of how the campaign finance laws work to specifically address the legal issues. If anyone understands these issues better than I do, I’d appreciate your take.

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