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Matt of Rashomon has been digging up some incredibly cool links lately. Two sites well worth checking out: “Silent Ladies & Gents: Photo Galleries of Silent Movie Stars” and this site, featuring World War I military posters from the U.S., Germany, and France among other countries. Nice happy accident for these two very different, but contemporary, sets of images to come across my radar screen at the same time.

I’m also shamelessly going to steal from Rashomon the link to “Look at Me,” a collection of found photographs. It’s a fascinating collection of photographs found at flea markets, on the street, pretty much anywhere:

These photos were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away. The images now are nameless, without connection to the people they show, or the photographer who took them. Maybe someone died and a relative threw away their photographs; maybe someone thought they were trash.

Some of the photos were found on the street. Some were stacked in a box, bought cheap at a flea market. Showing off or embarrassed, smug, sometimes happy, the people in these photos are strangers to us. They can’t help but be interesting, as stories with only an introduction.

The LOOK AT ME project started with a few photos found in a Paris street in 1998. Hopefully, the collection will grow.

The other link in Matt’s entry, to Found Magazine, looks pretty cool, too.

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