Michael Mann on Los Angeles

Grading marathon is done, so tonight I’ve been trying to relax a bit. A few weeks ago, I made the observation that Collateral seemed to be very much about the city of Los Angeles, and in a recent interview, director Michael Mann talks about how LA functions in Collateral and his earlier film, Heat:

Los Angeles is relatively undiscovered as a location for pictures. It has its own pattern of culture which is almost like travelling on the internet – when you visit websites you journey through some kind of interstitial space and the domains are not contiguous. I think LA is the most exciting contemporary city in the United States, but you have to know where to go. And a lot of Angelinos don’t.

Not much to add here, but I find the discussion of “interstitial space” interesting here. I think his film really capures that, with the scenes at the blues club and the Korean night club especially. Also cool: Mann’s discussion about his choice to use DV for nearly 80% of the film, particularly his characterization of DV as a more “painterly medium” than film. Thanks to GreenCine for the link.

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