Faulkner and Orwell

This is too cool not to blog. The cinetrix reports that in a 1956 interview with the Paris Review, William Faulkner, who wrote the screenplays for To Have and Have Not and The Big Sleep, was asked if he would like to make another movie. His response?

Yes, I would like to make one of George Orwell’s 1984. I have an idea for an ending which would prove the thesis I’m always hammering at: that man is indestructible because of his simple will to freedom.

Like the cinetrix, I wish I could’ve seen that ending. Back in my previous incarnation as a literary critic, I wrote a master’s thesis on Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, and he’s still one of my favorite twentieth century novelists, so I’m simply fascinated by this bit of news.

You can now return to the latest election year insanity, in which Tom DeLay engages in a bit of neo-McCarthyism.


  1. Rusty Said,

    October 27, 2004 @ 8:32 pm

    That reminds me. I still haven’t read a book I got for Christmas all the way through. It’s titled “In Front of Your Nose, 1945-1950 (Collected Essays Journalism and Letters of George Orwell).”

    You can find a paperback on Amazon. Mine’s a first edition though. 😉

  2. Krista Kennedy Said,

    October 27, 2004 @ 9:00 pm

    A while back, Oxford American published Faulkner’s never-made horror screenplay. Worth a look if you haven’t already seen it.

  3. chuck Said,

    October 27, 2004 @ 9:54 pm

    Wow, I’d be curious to see both of these texts. I’d heard something about Orwell’s work in journalism getting republished, but had heard nothing about Faulkner’s foray into horror film.

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