Kerry After Vietnam

Rude Pundit is right: Senator Kerry’s record after the Vietnam War has been severely underestimated. At great risk to his political future, he spoke out against the Vietnam War. As a first-term senator, he actively pursued the Iran-Contra scandal, taking on one of the most popular presidents in recent memory. As the Rude One notes, Kerry, despite the political risk, stayed on the case

until he revealed that the Reagan administration allowed the Contras to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. in order to fund their CIA-led “war” against the legally-elected Sandanistas in Nicaragua. (And thus helping to cause the crack epidemic.) Kerry was called a conspiracy theorist, said to be interfering with other drug cases, and impugned throughout the media. But the part that rarely got told is that he was right.

Kerry also went after the BCCI, an international criminal bank, and its murderous clients, including one Saddam Hussein. So let’s forget about the thread that Kerry hasn’t done anything since Vietnam. His record of service after the war is at least as admirable as his record during the war. Thanks to Michael Bérubé for the tip!

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