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Two of my students have written blog entries about their experiences in my election-themed composition course, “Rhetoric and Democracy,” this semester. While I’ve had an incredibly busy semester, I’ve deeply enjoyed teaching the class using this approach and would certainly recommend it to other composition instructors. I’ve certainly learned a lot about the American political process from teaching it, and I’m glad to see that two of my students (Danielle and Derek) have spontaneously commented that they’ve learned a lot as well. In a one-semester course in which it’s often difficult to measure student progress, it’s pretty rewarding to get this kind of positive feedback.


  1. Titus Barik Said,

    November 18, 2004 @ 11:25 pm

    Hey Chuck, that’s really cool! Were students able to choose their own blog host? The thing that’s neat about your course is that you’re using services that people can publically access. So your students are not only doing course work, they’re contributing to the weblog community as a whole.

    I say this only because too many LCC classes these days use technologies like WebCrossing and Wiki systems that are available only within the Georgia Tech campus.

  2. Jen Said,

    November 21, 2004 @ 7:59 am

    Chuck – Perhaps after being inspired by class, those students and others will become more active in the political process. Great work!

  3. chuck Said,

    November 21, 2004 @ 11:41 pm

    Thanks, Jen and Titus! My major hope is that my students become better writers and critical thinkers, but getting positive feedback like this is also rewarding.

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